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During one of the many television specials on the Sept 11 terrorist attacks there was a section on the 1993 bombing. In it they reported that the 1993 bomb was a fertilizer bomb (ANFO) and there were three tanks of Hydrogen added. At first it didn't strike me until I pictured the three tanks bound together and thought, My God that could be the core of a low-tech Hydrogen bomb.

Of course a Hydrogen bomb doesn't contain Hydrogen gas but deuterium and tritium, which is what's left after Hydrogen passes through a nuclear reactor. The deuterium and tritium in the bomb is contained in a round tank with a hole going down the center so if viewed from the top would look like a doughnut. The reason for the hole is so the Deutonium has somewhere to collapse to in hopes of getting it's atoms to fuse together (fusion). The heat and pressure needed to do this can only be supplied by multiple small atomic bombs around the bomb core and triggered simultaneously to compress the deutonium into the center. The energy from an atomic bomb is released by splitting atoms (fission).

This isn't secret information, it can be found in any college level library anywhere in the world and just requires connecting the dots to see the design.

A good question is; if they were capable of building a relatively simple A-bomb why try for the H-bomb? The bomb which exploded above Hiroshima created an area of destruction a mile wide and a similar bomb in New York would have done similar damage. An H-bomb would cause an area of destruction some sixty miles wide. A catastrophe which could take decades for the nation to recover from, if ever.

The atomic bombs could have come from anywhere in the world and may have arrived already assembled. Possibly similar to the US Military's "Atomic Annie", an atomic shell fired from a canon for battlefield use. The crucial element here is the deuterium and tritium which has a shelf life of only a few years and must be as fresh as possible to increase the odds of fusion.

According to trial transcripts the bombers went through some trouble to obtain the Hydrogen tanks. Two tanks would have had no hole down the middle. Four or more tanks would have made an uneven hole. Three seems the ideal number to create a hydrogen bomb core.

If the tanks actually contained Hydrogen then why Hydrogen? Hydrogen is highly flammable but not that explosive. If you've ever seen the classic news footage of the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 the hydrogen gas in the blimp was almost a slow burn. Why add fire to a bomb that will be detonated in an underground parking garage constructed of heavy concrete? What's to burn?

If it was the bombers intent to create a hydrogen bomb and the Atomic bombs were not synchronized to explode simultaneously the first to explode would blow the rest of the bomb to pieces without getting the desired effect.

Could the damage to the WTC parking garage have been done by a misfired small atomic bomb? Traces of urea nitrate and nitroglycerin were found at the site but these would have been components of the triggers for the atomic bombs.

The Official story is that it was a fertilizer bomb like the one used to destroy the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma. Looking over the transcripts from the subsequent trial of the bombers shows that the FBI really didn't know exactly what kind of bomb was exploded under the World Trade Center

"In sum, when Mr. Campriello asked Williams, ‘Could it have been another kind of bomb or no?’ (T8136), counsel clearly meant: ‘Could it have been another kind of bomb or no, based on your analysis of the damage at the crime scene?’ Williams should have answered him as he answered us: ‘It could have been anything.’ R038194. We conclude that by answering instead, ‘[T]he bulk of the explosive was, in my opinion, urea nitrate’ (T8136), Williams failed in his responsibility to provide the court with an objective, unbiased expert opinion."

Q: In your memo to Dan Strohl, you went on record as stating that you could not definitely state that the World Trade Center explosion was caused by urea nitrate bomb, correct?

MR. McCARTHY. objection.

THE COURT: Sustained.

As a result of the memos that you wrote and the blind test that you submitted, the reports themselves were ultimately corrected, correct?

A: That's correct.

Q: Did you testify in the world Trade Center case?

A: No, I did not.

Q And was your move from bomb analysis residue to paint analysis voluntary?

A No, it was not. I was relieved of duty.

I am not saying that I believe the 1993 WTC bomb was a low tech thermonuclear device but that it's design suggests that possibility. The odds against a home made H-Bomb actually working are a long shot, to say the least. A dud would have acted like a dirty bomb when the conventional explosives used as part of the trigger exploded and spread the radio active material. The official reports say that readings taken at ground zero show there is no radio activity present.

Posted 2002

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