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Nov 17-18 2008

Numerous Magnitude 5 Seismic Events Rock the Arctic Ocean.

Seismograms Suggest Nuclear Causations.

earthquakes arctic nuclear

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Seismograms show sudden beginnings and subsequent P-waves typical of NUCLEAR explosions.

nuclear earthquake

seismogram atomic explosion

seismogram nuclear explosion

seismogram atomic bomb

seismogram nuclear bomb explosion

seismogram nuclear explosion

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seismogram     earthquake or blast

TOP: P-WAVE. Smoother ripple-like. Resembles an audio wave.

BOTTOM: S-WAVE. Scratchy, toothy look caused by grinding of Earth's Teutonic Plates.


"was the overall United States term for the development of techniques to use nuclear explosives for peaceful construction purposes."

“Arctic Oil & Gas: 25% of World's Reserves Beneath Arctic Seabed“

U.S. Gov Printing Office report on Operation Plowshare:
"Possible excavation applications included: canals, harbors, highway and railroad cuts through mountains, open pit mining, construction of dams, and other quarry and construction-related projects. Underground nuclear explosion applications included: stimulation of natural gas production, preparation of leachable ore bodies for in situ leaching, creation of underground zones of fractured oil shale for in situ retorting, and formation of underground natural gas and petroleum storage reservoirs."


Evidence suggests OPERATION PLOWSHARE has been renewed.

Is the Military-Industrial Complex using Nuclear Explosives to access Arctic Oil Reserves?

Sorry, but the links to the original seismic images at and "Natural Resources Canada" were removed by them.

Posted NOV 20, 2008

Updated APR 1, 2016

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