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President Obama

Does having an African-American in the White House mean that America is no longer racist? OK, so Obama isn't all black; but half a black man in the White House is better than none, right?

White Americans are now the minority in this land and a minute minority of that White minority still holds the majority of the wealth and wealth is power. So no change there.

According to the UK's Guardian newspaper the cost of the Obama campaign was about 1 BILLION Dollars. I'm not sure that a campaign with a $1B War Chest can honestly be called "Grass Roots". That kind of money can only come from the rich minority of the White minority.

Of course a $1B campaign would be enough to put Sacha Baron Cohen into the, no pun intended, Oval Office.

So in my opinion it was White money that did the most to get Obama his votes. And that mostly White money always expects a return of some kind.

Of the 87 Trilateral Commission members living in the United States, Obama has given 11 of them Cabinet posts or jobs at the highest levels of Government. Add to that The Trilateral Commission's co-founder and right wing zinger Zbigniew Brzezinski. Zbigniew was Obama's Professor at Harvard and his mentor even to this day.

FROM: The August Review:
Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame

Barrack Obama is not from the hood and his pedigree and associates strongly suggest that he is a bona fide Oreo Cookie. With a White Mother and a Black Father even Obama's DNA says Oreo Cookie.

The Green Party candidate in Election 2008 was Cynthia McKinney and she is 100% Black. Just because I'm not a Liberal doesn't mean I can't whine about this.

Green Party candidates, like Ralph Nader, have usually gotten at least some media coverage in elections past. For all the media coverage Cynthia McKinney got in Election 2008 she may as well have conducted her campaign from Pluto. Here in Connecticut I had to write in my vote for her.

With major media focused on VIP Candidates during the recent race for the White House, Barrack Obama was clearly the, no pun intended, Dark Horse. A Dark Horse is a Candidate with little or no known history. Even former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney had more history than Obama. She having been the first to query George W Bush over 911, "What did he know and when did he know it?"

So are we still racist in America? Was Cynthia Mckinney ignored because she was the real black candidate? Or was it because she is outspoken and the real change candidate?

Outspoken is a substantial threat to that rich minority of the White minority. They who just happen to have the financial means to influence our voting and thereby our futures.

In conclusion we should always consider that colors are purely a matter of perception. Look at the image below and decide if square A or square B is darker. Then click on the image to get the truth from NASA or here to see them connected.

Black or White?

Posted NOV 26, 2009

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