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A Tale of Two Lion Guards.

Disney Lion Guard

The Lion Guard. A new children's show on the Disney Channel.

lion guards for trump

The Lion Guard. A new vigilante group dedicated to protecting Donald Trump from criticism.

Is the Disney corporation's new show, "The Lion Guard", the political equivalent of a "Joe Camel" cigarette add? Could presenting young and impressionable minds with tales of "protecting the prideland" against outsiders be subliminally encouraging the Trump Lion Guard's right wing "us versus them" ideology in children?

It may just be a quirky conspiracy theory or perhaps the Military-Industrial-Complex's long term investment in the war on terror. George Orwell's "1984" vision of endless global war and constant fear has become our reality. Endless global war? Somebody is going to get rich.

Until last month I didn't update this website for eight years. Nobody wants to hear that no election is going to save America from it's march rightward. No candidate you see on TV is going to fight for the working man or woman. All those candidates are already in the pockets of the Radical Rich, that one percent of the one percent. Yet, Donald Trump is not marching rightward. He is running and that is why I started writing again.

The Donald Trump mythos says that he is using his own money to finance his campaign. It seems evident, by their fawning treatment of him, that Mr. Trump has some powerful backers in the media and THAT is priceless.

As mentioned before on this website the media treats Trump like an entertaining naughty boy who can be easily forgiven for his transgressions. A truly frightening betrayal of the public trust in a supposedly unbiased press. The very same press that counts the votes in our elections.

trump and dictator

Every dictator needs his street thugs. Wasn't it Hitler who said, "Who controls the streets, controls the nation."? The thugs give the leaders a means of silencing their enemies while creating "plausible deniability". "We have no control over their actions." they say. Even when condemning the actions of the thugs the dictators still benefit from their dirty and bloody work.

We have slept with third world dictators and their crimes for decades. How long will it be until the "Death Squad" mentality comes home to roost? America's leaders have already accepted torture as a useful tool. If you can justify it's use overseas you can justify it's use at home.

As long as we keep our back door unlocked it's just a matter of time until Fascism walks into our living rooms. To those who would call this a conspiracy theory I ask, "How many of you go to bed at night WITHOUT locking your backdoor?".

© Carrozza 2016

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