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2016 presidential candidates

The ugly pageant continues as America watches the two Republacrats duke it out in the debate arena. Fans cheer and pundits analyze with all the veracity of a Superbowl game complete with pre and post coverage. The illusion of opposition progresses along such topics as Islamophobia, sexism, deleted e-mails, locker room banter, starlet groping, threatened imprisonment, candidates sniffing like they have something up their nose, tax evasion and husband's past-lovers all lined up in a row. Apparently all the things that will make America great again.

In reality there are no opposition parties up there on the main stage. Republacratism is, for all intents and purposes, a one party system and alternative parties are not invited to the debates. The Commission on Presidential Debates' rules are conveniently fixed just so.

A real opposition party would be questioning the status quo about such things as why we are still fighting a war with no end in sight? We supposedly went to war to get Bin Laden and now that we killed him we are still killing. The war profiteers have gotten fat enough it's time to bring the troops back home. That is what a real alternative party would say. Let the last wounded warrior be the last wounded warrior.

A real opposition party might propose a health care system that puts the health of people above the health of Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies. Not the travesty of Obama-scare but a real health care system like other developed countries have. We may have the latest medical technology in America but it may as well be on the moon if you haven't got the money to use it.

Jobs, poverty, unemployment, black lives, education, the environment and other topics are overlooked or barely acknowledged in our little televised Dog and Pony show. Ballots will be cast against the candidate you despise most. We vote for personalities not policies.

By now you may have guessed that neither of the two right wingers on the debate stage particularly appeal to me. I'm just not a Fascist kind of guy. So when November 8th comes around I will be voting outside the box and for a third party candidate like the Green Party's, Jill Stein.

Sure this may be a wasted vote in a wasted election but I feel an ill wind blowing. Donald Trump says the election may be fixed and he may be right. That is why he feels so confident. He personifies the Radical Aristocratic mentality that when you're rich you can do anything you want. If that's the case then what can you do when you're rich and you are the President?

Posted Oct 12, 2016

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