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1. The Magic Monitor and the Super Stool

When I first saw this image from the Pentagon Attack I thought some nasty conspiracy nut had Photoshopped it for a lark.

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However, the same blue chair, desk and hanging ceiling lights are clearly visible from outside the building.



chair at 100% crop

In the above photos you can see the damage inflicted by the 757's crash and hellish fireball. Almost 11,000 gallons of jet fuel exploded mere inches away from that desk. This office looks remarkably like the morning after some frat parties I have attended.

Why didn't the inferno, which completely disintegrated the Boeing 757, melt the monitor or burn the papers on the desk? Not to mention the undestroyable post-it-note below which survived ground zero almost legibly.

100% crop


The explanation is very simple. There had to be a Divine Breeze that day which blew the fireball away from this office.


Awww, look at the cute little wooden stool with what appears to be a book sitting on it. Why didn't the same intense heat that melted the super-structure of the World Trade Center burn the wood? The only logical explanation is, again, the Divine Breeze blowing away the fireball.


I have heard talk of controlled demolitions on 911. Does this image look like selective destruction? Everybody knows a Boeing 757 RIPPED into the Pentagon at 600 MPH and EXPLODED. A controlled demolition would look as if someone sliced through the building with a razor and I still see lots of wires hanging out. Hardly a razor like cut. You conspiracy theorists really make me laugh.

2. Osama Bin laden WAS NOT Wanted by FBI for 911


This FBI poster does not say it was looking for Bin Laden as the perpetrator of the Sept 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.


That is absolute nonsense. It is an American fact that Bin Laden did 911. Every talking head on TV is proof of that.

3. War Games on 911 Hampered Military Response.

Excerpts from the Wikipedia page on Global Guardian

According to the 9/11 Commission's staff statement No. 17, for instance, page 26 of the Commission's final report documents FAA's report of a “phantom flight 11” at 9:21, 35 minutes after the real flight 11 crashed into the WTC and even longer after the war games are alleged to have been aborted...

Wikipedia list five War Games being conducted on Sept 11, 2001 by the Military.


According to this article in USA Today NORAD, in a written statement, confirmed that such hijacking exercises occurred. NORAD denied using proposed exercises of planes attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Conspiracy Theorists would have you believe that the War Games on Sept 11, 2001 were intentionally designed to compound the confusion of the Terrorist Attacks.

It is not the fault of the Military that some terrorists got lucky and picked the best of all possible days to do their dirty work. Just because it looks like a duck doesn't mean it is. It could be just a well carved wooden decoy; whatever the hell that means.

Youtube video: Cynthia McKinney grilling Donald Rumsfeld
and Gen. Myers before Congress on 911 War Games.

4. Seven WTC Collapse A Controlled Demolition.

Here we go with the controlled demolition business again. We all know that burning jet fuel melted the super-structures of the first two WTC towers causing them to collapse just like a, well, a controlled demolition.

So how did 7 WTC's 50 floors collapse without jet fuel? Here is one explanation. America's Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, thought it was a good place to store thousands of gallons of volatile diesel fuel for his Command Center. You would think it would be criminal to do such a thing in one of the buildings most likely to be attacked and where thousands of people worked daily.

Not to worry fearless reader. Rudy is freed from guilt by the National Institute of Standards and Technology investigation on 7 WTC.

From the Q and A page:

“Did fuel oil systems in WTC 7 contribute to its collapse?”

“No. The building had three separate emergency power systems, all of which ran on diesel fuel. The worst-case scenarios associated with fires being fed by ruptured fuel lines or from fuel stored in day tanks on the lower floors could not have been sustained long enough, could not have generated sufficient heat to weaken critical interior columns, and/or would have produced large amounts of visible smoke from the lower floors, which were not observed.”

The NIST explains the collapse with the usual smoke and mirrors and says WTC 7 collapsed because the steel expanded. By admission in their Q and A NIST never even looked at any actual samples, “Steel samples were removed from the site before the NIST investigation began”.

Quoting, yet again, from the NIST Q and A, “Your entire investigation included no physical evidence. How can you be so sure you know what happened?”. Their explanation is that they reviewed audio and video recordings, used computer models and conducted interviews.

Explosions reported by interviewed witnesses were dismissed as not loud enough. “The sound levels reported by all witnesses do not match the sound level of an explosion that would have been required to cause the collapse of the building.”

So technically the NIST investigation explains the 7 WTC collapse with nothing more than more theories. Hmmmm... that just won't do.

Once again the explanation is very simple folks. There had to be a Divine Breeze that day which blew the intense heat of the burning jet fuel from the Twin Towers towards 7 WTC and THAT melted it's super structure.

I hope this article has silenced a few of those dumb Conspiracy Theorists. I mean why do they think we are lied to? It's not as if our leaders are going to get rich by doing so.

“ When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” --Sherlock Holmes

Updated Mar 19 2016

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