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If you have been surfing the World Wide Web for a while you may have discovered, to your horror, the existence of BLOGS. Blogs are online journals (web log) where people prattle about how their shopping trip went, their new haircut or why they are mad at Chris. I thought I'd jump on the blandwagon and try a blog too.


Nothing good on TV today so had to resort to creative channel surfing to amuse myself. That's when you change channels at the end of a phrase on TV and hope the person on the next channel can continue it. For example: "guaranteed to remove spots..." click "covered with melted cheese..." click "to which a White House spokesman responded..." click "Beef! It's what's for dinner." You get the idea. Personally I find it more entertaining than most TV shows.


I've been thinking about those meteoric rocks from Mars that scientists have found fossils in. There is also evidence that suggests Mars was once covered by huge oceans. Where there were ancient oceans and fossils there is a good chance there will also be fossil fuels. I hereby lay claim to all the Martian oil on Mars or anyplace else for that matter. Now I can smile at my creditors with the secret knowledge that someday my great, great, grandchildren will be filthy rich. I will have to go to city hall tomorrow and see if they have the proper forms for me to fill out and beat the rush.


Can't remember anything I did today except for asking someone if today was Tuesday. They said, "No!"


Thank God it's Friday!


Tonight, at dinner, I recalled how one night, many years ago, I woke up screaming from a "naked at work" dream. I was so embarrassed I called in sick for a week. The memory made me smile. Then I spent the rest of dinner cleaning the oatmeal off my shirt.


Suddenly got the feeling that my apartment was bugged by some alphabet agency so I played Bob Marley records all afternoon to torture them. Best concert I ever saw was Marley when he was in Connecticut in '78. He received a standing ovation the moment he walked out on stage. The only other time I saw an audience do that was at an Andrea Bocelli concert three years ago in Hartford. Of course you have to consider that Bocelli has the sympathy factor going for him as he is blind, while Marley was only stoned. No sympathy factor there.

Posted 2004

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