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With the first anniversary of Sept 11 approaching some children may have questions concerning the events of that day. This is how this reporter explained it.

Kids, do all of you know what 911 is? Right, Johnny, it is an emergency call but 911 means something else too.

It was the day some evil doers sent an airliner crashing, potluck, into a big tall 110 story building. The building caught fire then fell straight down just like those controlled demolitions you see on the learning channel.

Later that morning another 110 story building did exactly the same thing. Wow! What do you suppose the chances of that happening were? Those bad guys sure got lucky.

The TV man says it was done by a man with a cell phone and a long beard who lives deep in a cave in a far away part of the world. No, Johnny, not Santa Clause. It may sound like a children's story but all those wise guys on the TV say it's true.

They say the bad man in the cave is jealous of our freedom but don't worry, our leaders are taking it away for safe keeping.

We should be thankfull our President didn't loose his cool that day. Other Presidents might have gotten all excited and called out the Air Force. Our President kept his wits and read a children's book while New York burned. Very good, Bobby, it is just the kind of thing people get remembered for in history.

Kids, The President wants you to support him and not believe any nasty stories about him and his friends. Some people are so mean. They say the President knew something was going to happen and played stupid. The way some people talk you'd think the President and his friends stand around in a circle at night, chanting by candlelight. Their faces hidden in long, dark, scary, hooded, robes. Oh, Lucy, please don't cry. The President stopped doing that when he got out of college.

Children, we have to rally together. Every red blooded American wants to get the guys that did this 911 thing and bring them to justice. What, Bobby? How will we know when we got the right guys? That's a no brainer, Bobby, the TV will tell us so.

Posted 2002

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